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intentional, productive hair removal

All body hair (including eyebrow hair) has a three-phase growth cycle. There’s the anagen phase (active growing / attached to blood supply), the catagen phase (growth stops / detaching from the blood supply), and the telogen phase (the hair is at rest / dead).   

Scheduling your professional waxing or hair removal appointments consecutively every 28 days ultimately will get you the most out of that appointment - catching the anagen phase / live hairs.  This timing will stunt the growth cycle, often permanently.  If hairs return they are softer and more sparse!  Also timing hair removal at 28 days are less will allow us to address more and more of the live phase of hair - making your service the most productive / affective removal possible!

Every hair counts when we address your brow hair removal at Brow Bird.  If we are shaping brows we will intentionally remove areas to present the best highlight and shape of your brow line.  Ultimately we leave areas also to grow back if parts of the brow line has sparse or missing sections (very often the case).  We will NEVER repeat past shaping mistakes.  We will NEVER USE STENCILS to realize the shape of your brows - no one's face is symmetrical so shaping requires the hand of an artist (Brow Bird is an artist) to customize your brow shape that creates the illusion of symmetry!  

Your face elevations and growth cycle combo will be customized to accomplishing your brow goals….  So it doesn’t matter where you "are" with your brows - growing out, had a bad botched shaping or tweezing at home, or maybe they are just "fine" - Brow Bird's goal is to always improve from where we begin and with each and every shaping.  The biggest obstacle to getting your brows to their best shape is simply booking an appointment!  Your best brows are waiting - Just do it!


Coming in for a service(s)?

Here are a few things you may want (or need) to know:

Please arrive to start your appointment on time!

Brow Bird ALWAYS customizes every service to accomplish the best possible results.  There are a variety of tools, techniques and skills that may be used based on the desired results - by selecting the best fit for you we plan to accomplish the very best results for you!

You will be asked about skin condition(s), skin history, current product usage, past history/results with certain treatments and/or any other information needed with the intention to select the best procedure tools & to deliver the best possible results.   #WeDontPlay

Our electronic treatment chair FULLY adjusts from upright to horizontal position that is customized for your comfort - it is wonderful if you have any back or neck injuries.  All you have to do its take a seat and relax - we will do all the adjusting necessary to get to your ideal comfort!  (This is an advanced chair / treatment table and makes a huge difference!  **REALLY "good to know" and ideal for your comfort if you have multiple, longer services.)

Facial Waxing:  Brow Bird performs this service in the above mentioned adjustable treatment chair.  Ideally we would like to address detailed hair removal with your assistance (plan to relax, relax facial movements, expressions and resist opening eyes during your procedure) if the treatment surface is moving it creates an unnecessary level of difficulty to accomplishing the best results!  You will be asked about skin condition(s), current product usage and any other information with the intention to select the best procedure to deliver the best results.

Body Waxing Attire:  Wear (or bring with you) loose, easy, comfortable, easy to lay down in clothing (or remove depending on the area to be addressed).  Cotton or linen is always a good choice as it is breathable and usually soft.  What you should not wear:  leather pants, silk items, anything that may not be comfortable, tight or binding.  Waxed skin is exfoliated skin so for best results "let it breath" after any hair removal.    *Pro tip:  Tank top or strapless top for any arm waxes and/or underarm waxes.  Maxi skirts are the best for leg, bikini or brazilian waxes - easy to get undressed, dressed and breathable (think "easy after wax wear")!  If you have seen photos of Brow Bird's treatment room you know we have large windows for that "inside the car" light -  please know for any body waxing that requires privacy we have privacy decor that blocks ALL room views.  Your service comfort and security is our utmost priority and we change the treatment room up accordingly!  

Men's Facial Attire:  Simple t-shirt and shorts is best.  Men will be asked to remove the t-shirt only so we can address the neck and shoulder area.  Please DO not have a fresh shave within 2 hours before or after your planned facial.  Having facial hair or a beard is perfectly fine!  The treatment table, mentioned above, will be adjusted for your comfort and we will review the anticipated results, and review the customized procedure steps we will preform in your treatment.

Women's Facial Attire:  Simple strapless top (or strapless dress) and shorts/comfortable bottom is best.  You can wear a t-shirt or easy dress if you want.  Ideally we will need to address shoulder and neck area, so having attire that is easy to access this area (and not worry about getting product on your clothing) is best!  We do have strapless wrap dress that can be used for your service if you attire is not something that would be comfortable or deal for a facial.  The treatment table, mentioned above, will be adjusted for your comfort and we will review the anticipated results, and review the customized procedure steps we will preform in your treatment.